Absolute Awesome Productions/Shows

          ("The Absolute Awesomest of Absolute Awesomeness")

The Absolute "Awesome" Acousti-Classic Show:
If you like 60s, 70s & 80s Rock-n-Folk Tunes? "The Ace" plays the "biggest hits" from those eras!
Featuring - The Platinum Pipes of PANDAMAN - The A.C.E.  The Ace of Classic Entertainment,
performs  some of The "Awesomest Tributes" & "Awesomest Impressions"  You Ever Heard!

Our Awesome Impressions & Tributes
 will be performed at Pandaman Palace - The place you'll be able to sample some of your favo
rite Classic Tunes in the comforts of your own home "For Free!"
It'll be like a nite out for "Awesome Entertainment"  But Without Any Cover Charges! And you'll here One Of The "BEST SINGERS"  & BEST IMPRESSIONISTS" Anywhere! 

The Absolute "Awesome" Acousti-Country Show:
If ya happen to be in the mood for some Rockin Country Music, it's only just a click away, for you to hear one of the "Awesomest Singers" on the  web; sharing some Southern Styled Originals! PANDAMAN -  The A.C.E.  (Acoustic "Country" Entertainer); is an upcoming Acoustic Soloist & Singer Songwriter who's about to bring some Awesome Country music to the internet!
 Awesome Co
Note: Until construction is done & the recording studio is up & running; and our showcase is airiing... Our originals wont be available for purchase. We'll start by sharing our acoustic "mini song" samples with you which will feature "Awesome Harmonies" (& other bells & whistles later on) Later; we'll turn em into full length tunes that'll eventually end up over at voice-o-nality.com' (on the "AA Store page")

The Absolute "Awesome" Voice-o-nality Show (Tribute)!
Yes its now 4 - 4 - 4 Shows in 1 - with music & comedy & lots of fun! This is our "Best Variety Show" yet, which introduces a few of our Pandaman Entertainers and their shows. It features Pandaman The Original (aka "The Pandaman" of PA) and his 2 sons - The Pandaman Twins (& their alters!)

Pandaman - The Master of
Voice-o-nality; will perform as The MC/Ring Leader for AAE's Circus of Pandaman Performers, whom, are all Impressionists - competing with each other! And, Yes...
We Will Have PANDAMAN "The Clown!" To learn more about him & The Pandaman Clan...
Go to this site's AA Talents page (& "Pandaman's Bio page" at voice-o-nality.com!)

The Absolute Awesome™ Coffee House Show

With a spiritual approach; these inspirational & uplifting songs are "Just What The Dr Ordered!"
Again (just like in the Accousti-Country Show); "The Ace" will 1st; begin offering just acoustic versions & "mini song" samples - which as mentioned, will end up as full length tunes later on!
We have songs related to recovery, to help us cope & have hope on The "Learning  CD".; 
We also have songs for celebrating spiritual awakenings & spiritual living on The Living CD; And, We also have songs for celebrating love for family & friends & spouses, animals, nature,God & other passions on The Loving CD! And, we're also going to hav "The Laughing CD" (for fun & laughs)!

So Remember...
If ya need some inspiration... or want to add to your celebration...
Our "Pandaman Inspirationals" are a Musical Sensation! 

Pandaman's Triple AAA Radio Show - Case!
That's right; Pandaman - The Absolute "Awesome" Ace will be back to Announce on his new radio shows; featuring songs from our Acousti-Country & Coffee House Shows listed above.  This will be a good while yet; as we need time to record enough originals for the show & want to do our showcase. But in time, "The Ace" will feature his show over at MySpace.com/TheAbsoluteAwesomeAce and, at Pandaman Palace Theater - At Voice-o-nality.com - Our Main Site for Awesome Entertainment!

For now, we're just focusing on some upcoming mini song samples & videos for the showcase...
Coming To Voice-o-nality.com! Welp, That's All Folks! At least for now!

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