Absolute Awesome Talents

The Absolute "AWESOME" Talents" of The Pandaman® Clan...
Aka The Absolute "Awesome Entertainers!"

Note: Before educating & teaching you the "Who is Who" in The Pandaman® Clan;
  We'd first, like to tell you a little bit about The Father of The Pandaman® Clan...


   (The One & Only, Original PANDAMAN)
(aka The Sing-n-Tell-a-Clown)...  

Was a Radio Announcer, Voice-Over/Impressionist, a Storyteller, Singer & a Clown;
Whose Absolute "Awesome Impressions" & Storys were some of the best around!" 
With also "The Awesomest Original Songs" that, willl leave you repeating the hook; 
The Absolute "Awesome" Pandaman Clown (& The Pandaman Clan) "Can Cook!" 

A Little "PANDAMAN®" History
PANDAMAN™ was "The 1st Pandaman" to perform Live in the United States!
On stage, Pandaman was played by a character named Peter Peter Pandaman!
After moving to PA, he was aka The Pandaman Of Pennsylvania (The P.O.P.)   
But... no matter whether Pandaman is called "Pandaman" or "The Pandaman"...
Pandaman is absolutely, without a doubt; The One & Only "Original Pandaman!"

Back In the 80's - He began as "A Clown With A Dream" (and a show)...
 Then, In the 90's - The Adventures of PANDAMAN™ aired on the radio;
where PANDAMAN introduced - "The Pandaman Clan" (his family)...
Featuring PANDAMAN and The Pandaman Twins (& their alters), 
As far as a "Super Hero"? - That's PANDAMAN™ The Original
Whom... you'll hear more about later, at our other sites!

The Absolute "AWESOME" Adventures of PANDAMAN®
Began as a few of AAE's "Short Stories" about PANDAMAN's Life of...
"Fighting Crime & Helping Mankind"..."The Absolute Awesome Way!"
 Eventually, We will have our upcoming stories over at
(on the"AA Storys" page) which, will also include some cool info about AAE's
"Absolute Awesomeness,"- with a little bit on Pandaman's "Super Hero Powers!"
Entertainment History/Bio can be found by at Voice-o-nality.com!

Pandaman's Sister [diagnosed with a very agressive cancer] has now passed :(
So we're running a little behind schedule with our sites & up-coming entertainments.
   So, Please Bare With Us. We're working hard & will soon be bringing you some A.A.E.!
Please Note: There may also be a small delay, due; to an upcoming shoulder operation!

"ThePandaman.com" [upcoming 5 page site]; will offer a page on each twin & their alters!)
This site is on hold for now, so we can catch up on our up-n-coming Showcase of Shows...
aka "THE VOICE-O-NALITY SHOW!"  - Coming To Pandaman Palace Theater [2015]!

The Pandaman® Clan Plan...
As mentioned, Pandaman & The Pandaman Clan are coming to Pandaman Palace
where real soon, they'll be whippin up some Awesome Tributes & Originals! So...
After checking out our site here, why not head on over to voice-o-nality.com
And, visit The Absolute Awesome "Entertainment Castle" to see what
The Pandaman Clan & their "
Awesome Alters" are putting together!
"The Theater" is inside the Castle (on Pandaman Palace page)!
(A Brief "101 Course" on Pandaman's Alters.)

Stephano Christophero: Is PANDAMAN - The Master of Voice-o-nality;
Greek/Italian (Greeklian) MC/Show Host & Pandaman Twin!

His Alter, is an Italian Crooner aka PANDAMANThe King of Classic Entertainment;
A Master Impressionist/Karaoke King (formerly aka Steevereno - The King-of-Sing)!

His 2nd Alter, is MC PANDAMAN - The Prince of Impressionistic Rapp-n-Roll;
Who began creating
 "musical instrument impressions" back in the early 1970's,
a homemade mixer & 2 cassette recorders (before 4 track recorders).
He would overdub impressions of instruments and, he called it
"America's Very First" One Man Impressionistic Band!" 
Today, musical instrument impressions are aka
Beat boxing; a talent known world wide!

Stephen Christopher (Stephano's Pandaman Twin)...
Is an X Radio Announcer/Country Singer Songwriter aka
PANDAMAN - The Ace Of Acousti-Country Entertainment;
With an Absolute Awesome Showcase of Country Entertainment!

Stephen's Alter: Is PANDAMAN - The Absolute Awesome Ace [Triple AAA!];
The MC/Show Host for The Absolute Awesomest Classic Rock Showcase Ever!
Featuring: The Absolute Awesomest Classic Rock Tributes & Vocal Impressions!

Pandaman's Absolute Awesome Ace Showcase will be featuring 2 great Ace Shows
With Absolute "Awesome Impressions" & Absolute "Awesome Originals!"
For info on our shows - see the Absolute "Awesome Shows" Page!
Or, just zoom over       
to voice-o-nality.com
and check out details of our shows on the AA Productions page!

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