AbsoluteAwesome.com Welcomes You To...
The  "Absolute  Awesomest" in "Absolute  Awesomeness"
(Creator Of The "Absolute Awesome" Show)


(And The Pandaman Clan)

Coming Soon - to our "main website" - (Voice-o-nality.com)

AbsoluteAwesome.com is our info site, with a behind the scenes glimpse of the future!
A future of  Absolute "AWESOME" Entertainment, to enjoy in the comforts of home!
This is what you'll be able to enjoy at our "Main Site" at
Voice-o-nality.com where,
All AAE's "Absolute Awesome Shows" (Songs, Storys Etc., Are Always 

Visit Voice-o-nality.com And Check Out Our Latest Absolute Awesome Show...
The "Voice-o-nality Show - AAE's Show Of Absolute Awesome Showcases,
Starring: PANDAMAN (The Original) And, "The PANDAMAN Clan"...
AKA... The "ABSOLUTE AWESOME" Entertainers!"

So, if Absolute "Awesome" Impressions (& tributes) are what you're lookin for;  
 And, you'd like to check out a new artist & his "Awesome" upcoming tunes;  
       And, you want to read a cool story (or even have one read to ya live?);  
Then, there is really "no need to look any further" - than... 

(The  Absolute "Awesomest" in Absolute  Awesomeness)


Who Are The Pandaman® Clan?
Aka "The Absolute "Awesome" Entertainers:" The Pandaman Clan - Are a family of 

 Pandaman Performers - Coming to "The Absolute "Awesome" Entertainment Castle"
aka Pandaman Palace - Our All New - Medieval Nite Club-Coffee House-Theater!
An Awesome Place for you to go and enjoy lots of "Free" Castle Entertainment!

Pandaman Palace has come a long way (since our radio shows in the 90's) and, 
   You can now see it at 
Voice-o-nality.com! As far as the upcoming entertainment;
   Click our Absolute Awesome Shows page & check out our up-n-coming shows.
"The Voice-o-nality Show" will offer several awesome upcoming showcases...
Which, will soon be coming to "Pandaman Palace Theater!" The Place For...

When Will "Pandaman® Palace" Offer Entertainment?
The V-Show's New Showcases should start posting around Christmas 2015.
   But we've got a few sample videos over at the castle right now if ya like!
One is a Pandaman 'Ace Original' (w/some Awesome Harmonies!) 
There's also, a couple Awesome Tributes (To Journey & Elvis)

Simply click on "AWESOME SHOWS" page for a preview!! 

What Kind of Entertainment Will "The Pandaman® Clan" Offer?

The "Absolute Awesome" kind with lots of "Absolute Awesomeness;"
The Absolute Awesome Show™ (AKA Absolute Awesome Shows,
Feature PANDAMAN Ent., Sing-n-Tell
Impressionistic Entertainment (with Voice-o-nality),
"Absolute Awesome" Tributes To The Greats,
And Our Latest "Absolute Awesome" Show...


What is a Sing-n-Tell-aSong?
 A Sing-n-Tell-aSong is an "Awesome" Song that tells a story!

What is a Sing-n-Tell-aStory
A Sing-n-Tell-aStory: is an "Awesome Story" featuring Sing-n-Tell-aSongs,

What is "Impressionistic Entertainment?"
Impressionistic Entertainment" is an AAE rhythmic poem, rapp, song or story;
Featuring Absolute "Awesome" Impressions by
PANDAMAN & his Pandaman
  (alter) Personalities - i.e. - Pandaman - The Prince of Impressionistic Rapp-n-Roll!

What is Voice-o-nality?
It's The Pandaman Clan's "special recipe" for "Awesome Entertainment" that, combines
 Voice impressions with a Pandaman Perso-nality and a little touch of a few other
     "special ingredients" like; the rare audio/visual talent of ventriloquism which, we've
occasionally shared on stage with "Awesome Impressions" by Pauli Paws!


Before Ya Go...
We thank you for stopping in at AbsoluteAwesome.com
  And, we're really looking forward to bringing you our
"Awesome"  Entertainment"
(Which Will Absolutely Be Worth The Wait!)

Until Then...
 May The Voice-o-nality Be With You!
    "You've Just Been Absolute Awesomized!"

"Absolute Awesome" Songs, Stories, Shows & Entertainment,
Are Protected Via "Absolute Awesome" Entertainment's Legal Rights!
Just Like"PANDAMAN® is Registered at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. 
PANDAMAN® holds all "legal rights" for PANDAMAN ENTERTAINMENT.
Anyone else offering "PANDAMAN® Entertainment" here in America;
Could Be Violating United States Laws pertaining to Infringement of Rights!

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